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Western Fire Supply (WFS) is a Blue Mountain Ltd company which was formed in April of 2010. The Owner along with the WFS Team brings many years of hands-on experience in wildland fire suppression and prescribed burning. Team members have also been involved in ordering WL fire products for Agency use and understand the system. With years of wildland fire work behind us, we now turn our expertise towards supplying wildland firefighters with the best USA and American made WL fire products available and if necessary will work with manufacture to modify and/or design and build even better products for safety and efficiency. Not only will WFS have the good ole standards tools and equipment - we will search out the new and better products. When necessary, we will work with the WL fire professionals and the manufacture to modify existing products to make them more efficient while keeping safety in mind. Even through our Team knows the structure side of fire fighting; WL fire is where we are putting our expertise. With over 30 years of experience, WFS owner-manager Steve Bowman has learned from the best. Teaming Steve's WL fire and business experience with "old school" and "new high-tech" specialist, WFS is hoping to bring you on board as a customer.

As a Service Disabled Vietnam Veteran, Steve is proud to fly the US Flag and support USA manufactures. Products made in Canada will also be sold by WFS. The USA and Canada has stood side by side through many battles (war and fire) over the years. "Made in Canada" is made in American, and several Canadian companies make some of the best products used in the battle against wildland fire.

In additional to supplying wildfire products to Fire Agencies (Local, State and Federal), WFS will be working closely with the logging industry and private sector to provide them with the same or similar products to allow for safe and effective management of their business, land and timber. Homeowners that live in high fire areas will be please to find WFS offering the best products to help them maintain a safe defensible space around their property and homes. WFS offers many different products for the homeowner and communities to help them do their part for a safer place to live and provide a safer environment for professional firefighters while the handle structure protection duties.

Our experienced staff will be supported by our hi-tech web site which includes a full detailed ecommerce catalog. If the item needed is not in stock we will make the sale happen quickly by having a close relationship with our manufactures and suppliers. Local fire agencies will find a quick delivery system in place for same day delivery of in-stock items within a given radius. WFS will have 24 hour emergency service and supply deliveries. Our computer systems will tracks products and customers to allow for the best service.

Coming in 2013 WFS will have product service, repairs, and training along with the introduction of the slip-in system that meets the demands of all users.

Please stop by our office-warehouse and see our display of old fire gear and products of the past.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

The Western Fire Supply Team